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We deliver all over the UAE
We deliver all over the UAE

Chlorophytum Comosum Atlantic "Spider Plant"

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Original price
Dhs. 40.00
Dhs. 40.00 - Dhs. 70.00
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Size: 20cm - 30cm (Pot: 12cm)
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  • The Spider plant is a flowering perennial native to tropical South Africa. The leaves of the spider plant are thin ribbon-like strands that end at a point and grow upward and bend downward giving it the look of a spider. Chlorophytum comosum is a perennial lily-like plant with tuberous roots, bearing spreading to recurved soft leaves from a central rosette and an elongated raceme with small white flowers. This is probably the most cultivated house plant in the world.

    The Spider plant produces small white flowers that grow along a long stalk independent of the leaves of the spider plant. Also known for its air-purifying qualities, the spider plant is a great companion to any household or office.

  • Sun Light
    Best in indirect sunlight.
    They like plenty of water in summer. In the winter they should need a lot less.
    Spider plant needs normal, moist, sandy loam soil.
    15 - 30°C
    Apply organic fertilizer once a month during the growing season.
  • Common Problems

    1. Why does my Spider Plant have brown tips?

    Exposure to direct sunlight or hot and cold drafts can cause the browning of leaf tips. Move your plant away from direct sunlight if you notice brown tips and follow a set watering schedule.

    2. Why are the leaves of my spider plant turning yellow?

    Excessive sunlight can make the leaves of your spider plant turn yellow and wilt. Move your plant away from direct sunlight to avoid this. At times, excessive minerals and fertilizers in the soil can also cause the yellowing of leaves.

    3. Why is my spider plant drooping?

    Various reasons can make your plant droop. Overwatering, not enough or too much light, or lack of nutrients can make your spider plant droop and wilt. Identify the cause first before correcting the problem.

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