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We deliver all over the UAE

Epipremnum Cebu

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Size: 20cm - 30cm (Pot: 12cm)
  • Description
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  • Epipremnum Cebu Blue is a pothos – a plant variant with silvery-blue, shiny leaves that tend to have a sparkle under the right lighting conditions. The plant belongs to the Epipremnum genus, which is where it gets its pothos association. This flowering plant species is a member of the Araceae family.

    Cebu Blue is a pothos variant of a plant with silvery blue, shiny leaves that can sparkle under the right lighting conditions. Cebu Blue is part of the Epipremnum Genus, which is where it has its pothos connection. The flowering plant species are part of the Araceae family. It is only half its name. Cebu Blue is an island in Cebu located in the Philippines. It is typically located in the island's indigenous perennial vines. It's also common to find in a variety of Other Asian countries and various regions of Europe and North Australia.

    The plant can climb, trail and trail and make an excellent option for any indoor garden. In addition, it's easy to maintain and adds to your home's appearance. Cebu Blue can typically grow between 4 and 40 feet tall. But, it is rarely in the double figures when growing indoors.

    The plant can trail, climb, and can be a solid addition to pretty much any indoor garden. Not to mention, the plant is pretty low on maintenance too, adding to the home appeal. Though it’s primarily an indoor plant, it does just fine in outdoor environments as well.

    Cebu Blue is also known by a few other names, which include: Centipede Tongavine, Devil’s Ivy, Dragon-tail plant, Schindapsus Aureum, and Blue Pothos.

  • Sun Light
    Bright filtered or indirect light.
    Water relatively freely when in active growth, making sure the compost dries out in between.
    Good potting compost.
    12 - 30°C
    Feed your plant every other watering during the growing season or when you observe active growth.
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