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We deliver all over the UAE
We deliver all over the UAE

Peltophorum Inerme (Copperpod/Yellow Poinciana/Yellow Flame Tree)

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Dhs. 75.00
Dhs. 75.00 - Dhs. 350.00
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Size: 100cm - 150cm (Pot: 10L)
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  • Peltophorum Inerme, Also known as Yellow Poinciana, Yellow Flame Tree perennial deciduous tree used to shade ornamental trees and it is Outdoor Plant.  The upright, attractive semi-evergreen is spreading. It has a rounded canopy and can grow up to 50 feet tall.

    Dark green delicate light leaves provide an enveloping effect to the tree's massive dimensions and give a warm Dappled shade. I was enveloped by the yellow blooms, which appeared in attractive terminal panicles and exuded the scent of grapes in a delightful, sweet way. The flower clusters are followed by pods of seeds that are four inches long that ripen into a stunning deep, dark, wine-red not look like Millingtonia Tree.

    A tree that is rapidly growing spreads widely and quickly, branching with rusty red-downy stems. In the summer, Peltophorum pterocarpum, Yellow Flame or Copper Pod, creates races that ascend to 45cm and are fragrant, vibrant yellow flowers measuring 4cm across. They are obovate with wrinkled petals, each with a central reddish marking. Oblong to elliptic and winged, the purple-brown pods measure between 8 and 10 cm long. It is sometimes referred to by the names of Yellow Poinciana, Yellow Flame Tree, Copper Pod, and Yellow Flamboyant Tree.

    Peltophorum Inerme Copperpod • Yellow Poinciana • Yellow Flame Tree works best in open, large areas and full sunlight. The tree should be planted in a vast space with plenty of room for spreading. The roots are strong enough to support asphalt. Be aware that the tree will shed flowers and seed pods that require cleaning. The Peltophorum inerme is benefited from regular moisture during the initial growing season. After that, young trees enjoy the benefits of watering twice or once per week in dry weather. Trees that are established require only minimal supplemental irrigation. The flower plants need light and sunshine to stay healthy and blossom. A balcony facing east is the ideal spot for flowers in Indian conditions. Keep plants in bright sunlight so that they have a bit of protection from the harsh afternoon sun. Certain plants that are a little tender can be burned by the same. Fertilize the plant every two weeks throughout the flowering time. It is not necessary to fertilize in the winter months.

  • Sun Light
    Peltophorum plants require full sun.
    Watering should be done up to a growing period of the plant if the soil is dry.
    They will grow best in loose, sandy, rich and very well-drained soil.
    15 – 35 °C
    Use a balanced fertilizer and all-purpose fertilizer during growing season.
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