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We deliver all over the UAE
We deliver all over the UAE

Philodendron “Painted Lady” (Bright Leaf Aroid)

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Dhs. 525.00
Dhs. 525.00 - Dhs. 525.00
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Size: 60cm - 70cm (Pot: 17cm)
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  • These plants are one of the largest groups of genera in the family Araceae. These plants are very much in demand for their foliage. They have large, unique yellow leaves that have speckles of green on them and are shaped like hearts. This yellow color turns into green as the plant matures. Their leaves have a leathery texture and a shiny, glossy appearance. They have red petioles and the leaves can grow as long as 6 inches.

    Luckily, these plants are evergreen. This means that their leaves stay large, thick and beautiful as long as they live. This is always a favorable feature for houseplant lovers that wish to grow tropical plants indoors. If given the right Philodendron Painted Lady care, these plants can grow as tall as 2 to 5 feet and spread as wide as 12 to 16 inches. However, every plant has its genetic makeup and may vary greatly in terms of size. When it comes to diseases, this plant is fairly resistant and has no popular complaints. A great addition to any plant collection.

  • Sun Light
    Philodendrons appreciate the medium, indirect light and sometimes even partial shade.
    Water the plants thoroughly once and then wait for the soil to be completely dry, or at least moist, before you water them again.
    The Painted Lady plants love a rich, lightweight, well-drained soil.
    15 - 30°C
    Two types of fertilizers can be used for this plant. Either a water-soluble, fast-releasing, liquid fertilizer or a granular, slow-releasing fertilizer can work. Feeding them once every two weeks is enough.
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