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We deliver all over the UAE
We deliver all over the UAE

Philodendron “Verrucosum”

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Dhs. 370.00
Dhs. 370.00 - Dhs. 370.00
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Size: 25cm - 30cm (Pot: 15cm)
  • Description
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  • Philodendron verrucosum is a velvet leaf Philodendron that grows in rainforest regions from Central America down into Ecuador and Peru in South America. Growing usually as a hemiepipyhte it is rarely purely terrestrial or epiphytic. In an indoor environment Philodendron verrucosum is best grown potted with support for it to climb up.

    Philodendron verrucosum ‘Incensi’ has deep red – purple petioles with fuzzy white – green hairs. The same deep red tones are found on the underside of the leaves which can grow up to around 1m in the right conditions. This Philodendrons are beautifully uncommon. They are fully rooted plants that are prepared to grow and live long, happy lives. They are harder to care for than a regular Philodendrons and a bit demanding in terms of humidity but a great challenge for plant lovers.

  • Sun Light
    Bright, indirect light. Avoid too much direct sun.
    Somewhat moist soil being allowed to dry a little between watering. Grows better with reasonable humidity.
    Philodendrons do best in loose, well-drained soil that is high in organic matter. Both the pot and soil must drain quickly and offer enough space for the roots to expand.
    15 - 25°C
    Using fertilizers during their growing phase is a fantastic way to exploit the plant’s natural growth cycle and get it to its maximum heights with a minimal amount of time.
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