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We deliver all over the UAE
We deliver all over the UAE

Prosopis Cineraria (Ghaf) National Tree Of UAE

Original price Dhs. 120.00 - Original price Dhs. 350.00
Original price
Dhs. 120.00
Dhs. 120.00 - Dhs. 350.00
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Size: 150cm - 200cm (Pot: 10L)
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  • National Tree of UAE

    Prosopis Cineraria Ghaf is the name of a tree native to the UAE and symbolizes the desert's stability. It is a symbol of tolerance, a way to keep people in touch with one another, and a symbol of sustainability. It has shaped traditions, helped maintain social order, and provided shade to workers. Listed below are a few of its uses. To comprehend the significance of Ghaf trees in the UAE, a look at these short stories.

    Ghaf, also known as "the tree of life," is the National tree of the UAE. The Ghaf has been cultivated in the UAE for centuries. Its roots reach up to 30 meters into the sand, indicating that the region has abundant underground water. It also has impressive resistance to drought, staying green even in arid conditions. Its wide root system also makes it a good choice for arid climates because of its ability to naturally fix nitrogen.

    It was declared to be the official National Tree by the UAE in the year 2008. It is a drought-tolerant, flowering evergreen that grows in the UAE's desert environment. The Ghaf is a 400-year-old tree and has important symbolic value. The Ghaf's leaves are highly water-repellent, minimizing evaporation and other losses. Its scientific name is Prosopis cineraria, and it is part of the Fabaceae family, which includes the pea, bean, and mungbean.

    The beautiful, valuable Ghaf is the evergreen tree of the desert! In 2008, it was declared the national tree of the UAE because of its great cultural and traditional significance. The Ghaf is a drought-tolerant tree, able to withstand the harsh desert environment and still remain green.

    It can be found on low sand dunes and its presence is an indicator there is water underground. The Ghaf can live up to 120 years! The Ghaf is the national tree of the UAE as it is a historic and cultural symbol of stability and peace in the UAE’s desert environment.

  • Sun Light
    Ghaf needs plenty of bright sunlight and can tolerate full sun.
    These plants are highly adapted to dry conditions and drought but they thrive when given sufficient water. Let the soil dry out between watering.
    These plants thrive in sandy soil and demand excellent drainage.
    18 – 38 °C
    Feeding the plant with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer is good for plant health.
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