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We deliver all over the UAE
We deliver all over the UAE

Syngonium “Arrow” (Arrowhead Plant)

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Dhs. 40.00
Dhs. 40.00 - Dhs. 40.00
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Size: 20cm - 30cm (Pot: 12cm)
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  • Syngonium 'Arrowhead Plant' is native to the tropical rain forests in Central and South America. These plants are usually bushy and are great plants for places with low light. Some varieties have a tendency to grow up structures because of the strong vines these plants develop.

    Syngonium is a fast-growing plant. They also produce flat, broad leaves that look amazing. The leaves have different colors and patterns. Most people grow the plants for their foliage. The plant produces vines which makes it perfect for all types of planters and baskets.

  • Sun Light
    Although these plants are extremely low light tolerant, they will grow faster and maintain their vibrant coloring and markings if grown in medium to bright indirect light.
    Syngonium love when the soil dries out in between watering. They don’t like the soil to dry out too much in between watering sessions.
    When it comes to the soil mix, Syngonium Arrowhead plants love a well-draining soil.
    15 - 22°C
    Syngonium can do well without any special fertilizer. Fertilize the Syngoniums once every two weeks during the growing season.
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